Hello, I'm Kieran 👋🏼

I’m a writer and remote product marketer. I cut my marketing teeth writing copy for freelance clients during my undergraduate degree for beer and travel money. Once I finally made it out of education I helped a social enterprise grow and worked as a copywriter at a marketing and communicatons agency in Antwerp.

The chance to study a fully-funded MSc in Marketing appeared and, not one to turn down an opportunity, I jumped back into education. My MSc focused on product and marketing as a strategic function of a company. I loved it.

A year later, my masters done, I headed back to tech as a writer and product marketer at early stage startups. But I’d tasted travel and didn’t want to give it up. Luckily for me, remote working is a thing now.

I’ve worked closely with engineering and product teams, as well as with senior management. I’m no coder or designer but I understand the internet, what constitutes good UX, and I’m fascinated by all things tech.

For the last two years I’ve headed up product marketing at a big data and analytics software studio. I’ve led three SaaS products to market that focus on helping people collect, report, and migrate data. I’ve also completed client work on technical products like APIs and mining pools.

I choose to travel with the freedom that a remote-first work culture gives me. I sometimes write about the life of remote work.

You’ll find breakdowns of major product marketing projects in the work section and my work experience and links to written work in my cv + portfolio.

Nowadays I travel to new places every few months. I take pictures of cities and people. I think and write about software products and markets.

You can find me @remotekieran on:

I’m currently open to both project and full-time work, so hit me up remotekieran at protonmail dot com.

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